Work from Home, or Pay Rise?

Over 7 million brits would rather work from home than get a pay rise, according to a new study.

New research released for ‘National Work From Home Day’, has found that nearly a quarter (24% or 7.5 million) of British workers would rather work from home one day a week than receive a pay rise, while seven million admit they suffer from “procrastination or inertia issues” when working in an office.

The study by the Institute of Inertia, a partnership between and the University of Sheffield, found that 48% of workers are happier when they can work from home and nearly a third (32%) of British workers “feel more productive” when they do so. The top five reasons for better productivity for home working are:

1. Fewer interruptions - 66%
2. Ability to structure their day to suit their needs – 64%
3. Flexibility of working hours – 56%
4. More control of their ‘to do’ list – 35%
5. Fewer meetings – 33%

Dr Thomas Webb, social psychologist at the Institute of Inertia said:

“Working from home not only allows workers to embrace a healthier work-life balance but also gives them the opportunity to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than be distracted by meetings and everyday office life. It also makes employees feel trusted and valued by their bosses leading to higher retention levels."

Circle Recruitment offer differing career routes to its staff, one of them being a home working option for high performers.

Tariq Dirania, Associate Director at Circle, said:

"After proving myself at Circle, I was granted the option to work from home whenever I pleased. I found the change fantastic, and it freed up my time to concentrate on delivering more value, and some of my best ever sales achievements.

I feel valued, trusted, and it’s put me in a situation where there are very few roles that could offer me such lifestyle flexibility, while performing a very taxing and intensive role, that allows me to earn excellent money. Plus, I can also do all that from the garden on a sunny day!"

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