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Remote Work Gap in UK Widens

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Circle Recruitment

By Circle Recruitment

Major hubs like Manchester, Bristol and London continue to see a rise in remote jobs, while the opportunities in post-industrial towns are declining, according to Bloomberg and Linked In News.

Manchester has the highest share of remote postings at 29.3%. London is also among the best places for flexible work, along with Leeds and Cambridge. But remote-friendly vacancies in post-industrial or tourism-oriented towns has dipped to less than 10%.

  • Impact of remote work on productivity: In 2021 and 2022, Stanford University economist Nick Bloom conducted a randomised study of managers and non-managers at a major tech company and found that hybrid models neither significantly increased or decreased productivity, yet the flexibility boosted morale and retention. Therefore, Bloom said, “It doesn’t make sense to go back to five days a week.”

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