Contractor Payment Schedule 2022

Please ensure all paperwork is submitted by the correct time and date in order to ensure no delays in payment.

Invoicing Period Deadline for Timesheet Submission Deadline for Invoice Submission Your funds cleared by
1st Jan to 31st Jan 12pm 1st Feb 12pm 4th Feb 6.30pm 11th Feb
1st Feb to 29th Feb 12pm 1st March 12pm 2nd March 6.30pm 11th March
1st March to 31st March 12pm 1st April 12pm 4th April 6.30pm 11th April
1st April to 30th April 12pm 2nd May 12pm 3rd May 6.30pm 11th May
1st May to 31st May 12pm 1st June 12pm 2nd June 6.30pm 11th June
1st June to 30th June 12pm 1st July 12pm 2nd July 6.30pm 13th July
1st July to 31st July 12pm 1st August 12pm 2nd August 6.30pm 11th August
1st August to 31st August 12pm 1st Sept 12pm 2nd Sept 6.30pm 12th Sept
1st Sept to 30th Sept 12pm 3rd Oct 12pm 4th Oct 6.30pm 11th Oct
1st Oct to 31st Oct 12pm 1st Nov 12pm 2nd Nov 6.30pm 11th Nov
1st Nov to 30th Nov 12pm 1st Dec 12pm 2nd Dec 6.30pm 12th Dec

Please email a picture/scan of your signed Timesheet to

Delayed Timesheets/Invoices will result in delayed payment

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