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The Talent Tug-of-War - Over half UK Hirers Struggle

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Circle Recruitment

By Circle Recruitment

Based on a survey of 4371 companies in the UK and across Europe, the findings highlight a red-hot recruitment battle and a new power shift in the job market, with the balance tipping firmly in favour of employees.


New research from SD Worx, European HR & payroll services provider, reveals an intensifying tug-of-war for talent as British companies rally to deliver on hardened employee expectations and land new team members.


When it comes to attracting candidates, 59% of European employers are facing difficulty. That figure is significantly higher in Belgium (65%), the UK (59.1%), the Netherlands (54%) and Ireland (53%). Countries such as Sweden (32%), Italy (32%), Norway (31%) and Spain (29%) seem to have a slightly less difficult time attracting employees.


In fact, over half of UK employers (51.8%) say it’s never been more difficult to attract talent.


Overall, six in ten European employers indicate that filling vacancies is currently taking longer.

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