UK ranks 3rd in Global Talent Competitiveness

The UK has been ranked third in the world for talent competiveness, according to a new global report measuring countries’ ability to attract, retain and grow talent.

The UK has been ranked as third best country in the world for the ability to attract, retain, train and educate skilled workers, according to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index.

The Index also shows the UK to be well-equipped to deal with changes – and opportunities – brought by technology. London, Birmingham and Cardiff act as talent magnets, helping the UK attract more highly-skilled workers.

Produced by the world’s leading provider of HR solutions Adecco Group, together with international business school INSEAD and the Human Capital Leadership Institute, the GTCI looks at 65 discrete variables. Ranging from corruption and foreign direct investment to the gender pay gap, labour productivity and university rankings, these help determine a country’s ‘talent competitiveness’ – the ability to develop, attract and retain skilled workers, thereby supporting productivity and prosperity.

This year’s GTCI comes at an important time, following a year defined by political and economic uncertainty. Aiming to provide decision-makers across business and government with the tools to drive competitiveness, the 2016-2017 report evaluates 118 countries, representing 88.7% of the world’s population and 97.3% of the world’s GDP.

At third place in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) the UK is outperformed only by Switzerland and Singapore. This is also the highest ranking the UK has ever received in the index, which was launched in 2013.

GTCI 2017: TOP 10 COUNTRIES (2016 ranking in brackets)

1. Switzerland (1)

2. Singapore (2)

3. United Kingdom (7)

4. United States (4)

5. Sweden (6)

6. Australia (13)

7. Luxembourg (3)

8. Denmark (5)

9. Finland (10)

10. Norway (8)

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