Top trends in Recruitment in 2020!

January is always one of the busiest months for hiring. With this in mind, a UK job board, CV-Library, has analysed its research studies from the past 12 months to reveal some of the key areas that hiring professionals should be focussing on in 2020.
Pooling data from over 6,000 professionals across the nation, the findings identify some interesting focus areas that could help to shape your hiring strategy in 2020 and beyond, while also enabling you to become an employer of choice. This includes:

§ Writing a clear job advert: A staggering 91.6% of candidates scan job descriptions with a strict criteria in mind and 51.7% wouldn’t even apply if the job advert doesn’t include the location (84.7%), salary (77.6%), job title (43.8%) or working hours (41.7%)
§ Offering the right workplace perks: Two thirds (65.6%) of Brits don’t receive workplace perks and benefits! When asked what they’d like to receive, 60% said paid sick leave, 56.6% said the ability to work from home and 41.1% said health insurance
§ Paying fair salaries: A staggering 81.6% of professionals say salary is the most important factor when it comes to finding a new job. Plus, three quarters (74.9%) of Brits haven’t even had a formal pay review meeting in the past year!
§ Ensuring your employees strike the right balance: Despite 97.9% of Brits believing that work-life balance is important, over a third (37.3%) of the nation’s professionals admit that they don’t have a good work-life balance themselves
§ Considering the introduction of flexible working: Over half of professionals 40.4% would be more likely to apply for a job if it offered flexible working
§ Understanding what your employees want: Over half (55.6%) of Brits aren’t happy in their current jobs, with the most common reasons being because they aren’t paid enough (42.9%), there’s no room for progression (38.7%) and the company culture is poor (33.4%)
§ Focussing on career development: When asked what their top career priority is right now, four in 10 (44.6%) Brits said that they want to learn new skills. This beat both securing a pay rise (43.5%) and changing jobs (40.1%)
§ Tackling workplace stress: Two thirds (67.7%) of Brits say their job makes them feel stressed and employees in the social care (86.4%), recruitment (81.8%) and sales (79.2%) industries are most likely to suffer from workplace stress
§ Addressing mental health: Three-quarters (74.2%) of professionals claim that work is damaging their mental health and a further 52.6% state that their workplace doesn’t do enough to support employees.

Steve Ricketts, Circle Recruitment, MD commented: “Recruitment is a time and labour intensive process, however it is also an essential process. We offer advice daily to our clients, on how to stay competitive in the battle for talent. This advice is a free service, so please do get in touch if you feel that independent specialist advice could assist. It is also worth considering why outsourcing has become a popular option for businesses, as it not only saves time, but also gives access to a much broader range of candidates.”

Post by Ernest Porazinski January 3 2020 Categories: News, Recruitment