The best cities for hiring in 2020

The latest report from CV-Library,reveals that job applications have increased by 6.3% in the last year. What’s more, for many of the nation’s major cities, it’s the second year in a row that job applications have grown.
The report from CV-Library analysed job market data throughout 2019 and compared it with statistics from 2018. The findings show that key cities witnessed an even bigger jump in applications last year, making them the best locations for hiring in 2020:

§ Leicester – job applications up by 14.7%
§ Bristol – job applications up by 13%
§ Aberdeen – job applications up by 12.9%
§ London – job applications up by 11.2%
§ Brighton – job applications up by 10%
§ Portsmouth – job applications up by 9.1%
§ Southampton – job applications up by 8.7%
§ Edinburgh – job applications up by 8.5%
§ Nottingham – job applications up by 8.4%
§ Manchester – job applications up by 5.4%
A key driving factor behind the jump in applications may well be the fact that average pay jumped up by 3.7% in 2019. The biggest salary increases were seen in Edinburgh (up 8.1%), Leeds (up 6.7%) and Hull (up 5%).

Stevve Ricketts, Circle Recruitment, MD:
Despite various uncertainties, the UK job market remains strong and stable, and we expect continued recruitment investment. Whilst recruiting in some cities may be trickier than others, clients can benefit hugely from the January rush in the job market with the help of the right recruitment partners

Post by Ernest Porazinski January 8 2020 Categories: News, Recruitment