Survey reveals UK organisations suffer from ‘Non-Starter Syndrome'

A survey undertaken by Cezanne HR software today revealed that UK organisations are suffering from ‘Non-Starter Syndrome’, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of HR respondents admitting they had new recruits quit before they even start.

The survey, which was conducted in January 2019 and polled 250 senior HR practitioners across the UK, also found that a significant 19% of the UK workforce (one in five employees) stays in a job for less than a year.

These statistics present a clear picture of the challenges that UK HR teams now face when it comes to onboarding and retaining talent.

Circle Managing Director Steve Ricketts comments: "We would urge any company that has suffered from unexpected changes of heart from would-be new recruits to look at their hiring practices. Are they ready for the modern age? Millennials don't want posted correspondence, they want fast, easy digital communication and telephone conversations.

"It is also important to have the right recruitment partners in place - many agencies will consider a deal "done" when the candidate accepts the job. At Circle, consultants are trained to understand that this is the start of what could be a very problematic period - the existing employer for example has a whole notice period to change the candidate's mind. We assist our clients with onboarding by viewing a placement as a placement, only when the candidate is sat at their desk in their new job, and we endeavour professionally to make that happen throughout the process."

Post by Katrina Rajah February 12 2019 Categories: News, Recruitment