Salary rises planned in 2014

The Barclays Employers Survey 2014 has revealed 57 per cent of businesses are planning to increase wages in the year ahead, with 39 per cent planning to increase them for their entire workforce.

The survey questioned 684 UK businesses and found that despite rising living costs, the majority of respondents (52 per cent) also said that wage pressure from employees wasn’t an issue, whereas 30 per cent said it was a concern to some extent and 17 per cent said it was a major concern.

“After an extended period of wage freezes, which have been tough for employees, it’s good to see that so many employers will be increasing wages in the coming year,” said David Roust, Head of Recruitment Industry, Barclays. “This can only have a positive impact on employee morale and the UK economy.”

Post by Ernest Porazinski January 31 2014 Categories: News, Recruitment