Most Awkward Office Conversations Revealed!

British employees have revealed the most awkward conversation topics in the workplace. In a survey by, workers placed religion in the top spot (42%). Sex and salaries took joint second (41%), followed by politics in third place (35%). Nearly half of the British workforce would, if given the chance, ban such topics.

When revelations of the gender pay gap have recently shaken massive organisations, it makes sense there is unease surrounding the subject of salaries - hence its place alongside the three usual red-flag topics.

Politics proves to be a particularly divisive topic in the workplace, with 1 in 8 people having fallen out with a colleague after a heated political debate. People also feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality (23%), race (20%), and mental or physical illness (20%). For 10% of employees, however, no conversation is off the cards.

If given the opportunity to ban such topics, nearly half of the British workforce would take up the offer (47%). While the majority said they wouldn’t advocate workplace censorship, many would ban a range of topics. Proposed topics to ban even included generally innocuous ones, such as eating habits and upbringing. The most popular choices were religion (19%), sex (18%), and politics (15%) and, again, salaries was close behind (11%).

Post by Jamie McMullan August 14 2017 Categories: News, Random