Jobs without a degree can pay more than £50,000

The myth that not having a degree bars you from a high-paying job has been dispelled, after research from the world’s largest job site Indeed identified 10 non-graduate roles that each pay more than the UK average wage.

While many of us might assume Britain’s best-paid jobs always require a university education, the study revealed a surprising number – and variety – of well-remunerated careers that don’t.

Indeed has analysed the salaries offered by tens of thousands of job adverts to identify the top 10 roles open to non-graduates that pay substantially more than the average UK yearly salary of £27,600.

Top of the list are penetration testers, who on average can expect to earn a whopping £56,547 a year – more than double the national average salary. While some ethical hackers may have degrees or technical qualifications, many learn the skills through experience.

1 Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker £56,547
2 Construction Manager £53,118
3 Software Engineer £39,097
4 Maintenance Manager £38,675
5 Sales Manager £37,991
6 Fitness Manager £34,374
7 Executive Assistant £33,150
8 Pilot £32,691
9 Head Chef £30,867
10 Mechanic £28,734

The top salary reflects the high demand for ethical hackers in the UK: Indeed data confirms there are currently more than twice the number of postings for these types of jobs as there are searches by prospective employees.

IT security and ethical hacking recruitment expert Tariq Dirania, Circle Associate Director, was not surprised by the findings. “In the UK employment market, many employers find that ethical hackers and penetration testers are tricky to hire. Demand in this area constantly exceeds supply, and for that reason we advise that hirers should research their recruitment partners to ensure their credentials cover not just the wider area of IT in general, but specifically IT security”.

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Post by Jennifer Jackson August 15 2018 Categories: News, Recruitment, Technology