Half of employers say Brexit will worsen skills gap

Almost two thirds of employers (65%) believe that they will be negatively impacted by skills shortages in 2018, according to a recent study by Jobsite and Totaljobs Group.

Key findings:

65% of employers believe they will face a shortage of skilled professionals in 2018
The shortage will be most acute at the junior and mid management level, according to half of employers (52%)
One in four businesses (23%) say Britain is not prepared to compete on a global stage due to the skills gap
Half (50%) say that they believe Brexit will exacerbate skills shortages

David Clift, HR Director, totaljobs comments: “As we head closer towards Brexit employers will have to think differently about how they attract and retain the best talent from across the globe. For current staff, training will be key to closing any skills gaps, and giving employees the confidence that the businesses they work for can help them fulfil their career ambitions".

Steve Ricketts, Managing Director of Circle, comments: "Should the research be accurate, what is clear is that employers will need to ensure that they have complete faith in their recruitment partners in order to avoid problems. Steps should be taken today. Employers should be pro-active in checking for themselves, for example, whether their agencies are investing properly in advertising their vacancies, and adequately covering the available candidate pool. Often, Circle attract clients purely on the basis of them noticing how much effort and investment we are prepared to put in when recruiting for their competitors".

Post by Jamie McMullan February 16 2018 Categories: News, Recruitment