Graduate Vacancies on the Increase

A recent study shows that the amount of graduate-level openings has now returned to pre-recession levels. Industries such as consultancy, engineering and media have benefitted from this as there have been big increases in the number of applications. The figures provided by the survey are based on responses from 100 leading graduate employers, including firms such as PwC, Jaguar Land Rover and Unilever.

The High Fliers Report was based on a study analysing around 18,000 final-year students. The report highlighted the fact that the number of people graduating today has risen significantly from pre-recession days.

The number of graduates has risen to 365,000 from 80,000 in 2007, allowing the UK’s top employers to recruit more graduates this year than they anticipated. On average, employers receive 39 applications per graduate role.

Currently, top accounting and professional services companies boast the highest amount of new graduate jobs in their industry, with 4,442 vacancies available. This signifies a 23.8% rise in graduate employment. The media industry, more than any other, has benefitted most from the rise in graduate applications as the research shows its vacancies increasing by 28% from figures last year.

Circle Director Matthew Leach was pleased with the report. “The increase in the number of graduate vacancies shows continued increasing confidence in the employment market. More firms are seeing the value to develop bright graduates especially where there is a skills shortage in certain industries. This can only be good for British business – investing in the youth of today, and helping the upward recovery of the economy”

A staggering 186.3 applications for every job is received by consumer goods firms, while oil and energy companies claim to get 97.8, proving that competition is fierce.

Furthermore, some industries – such as banking and finance companies or high street retailers – have reported receiving at least 50 applications per vacancy for graduate jobs. However, the average amount employers receive is actually 39.2 per position.

Post by Ernest Porazinski May 14 2014 Categories: Random