Developers Happy to take Pay Cut to contribute to Wider Business

Research finds that software developers increasingly view career progression and opportunities to be involved in business decisions as the most important factors when looking for a job.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of UK based tech developers have reported that they would accept a reduced salary from their current or potential employer if they were offered the chance to contribute to the wider business, according to new independent research.

The research, conducted by Sapio Research, found that almost a quarter of developers (23%) would be willing to take as much as a 14% pay reduction to be more involved in a business beyond their basic job role, while nearly one in five would take a reduced salary in return for free food and drink at work.

It is younger workers who are leading the change in attitude, with 67% of 18-24 year olds and 73% of 25-34 year olds reporting they would take less money for the chance to be more involved in business decisions.

The research report revealed the danger UK businesses face if they fail to meet the expectations of developers, with 53% admitting to leaving a job in the past, just because the company culture didn’t feel right.

Top five reasons UK tech developers would take a pay reduction

Access to a profit share scheme – 67%
Opportunity to contribute to the business in a wider context – 63%
Free food and drink – 59%
A flexible work environment (hours worked, dress code etc) – 58%
Better career development opportunities – 58%

Circle's Managing Director Steve Ricketts said: "The UK software development market is candidate driven. These candidates are increasingly aware that they are able to interview potential employers, rather than vice versa. In a market where job-hopping is not as frowned upon nearly as much as in non-tech markets, it is important that companies recognise that developers today seek much more than a decent basic salary".

Post by Katrina Rajah November 23 2017 Categories: News, Technology