Computer languages now earn you more than additional human language

The data - collated in June 2018 by Adzuna - takes into account 10 of the most sought after coding and human languages listed by employers in Britain.

Coders are on average paid £16k more than those in jobs which require employees to be multilingual. Speaking multiple human languages was once seen as an asset which would future proof careers; but now it's computer languages which are in demand. While salaries that require languages have increased by 7.8% since 2017, salaries that require computer languages have increased by 9.2% since 2017.

And it shows the average salary of people who code is £50,286 - compared to just £33,376 for jobs which require an employee to speak a second language. ‘Java developer’ is now the best paid coding job in the UK, offering an average advertised salary of £61,980, meanwhile ‘Arabic speaker’ is the most sought after second language to have in the UK, offering an average advertised salary of £43,544.

Interestingly, the research uncovered that languages, though slightly stooping, are still in demand by UK employers. In some case they are willing to pay above the average wage for employees with an additional language and in many cases this means reaching out overseas.

Post by Jamie McMullan July 13 2018 Categories: News, Recruitment, Technology