60% of UK employees think they could better their boss

Survey reveals that 6 in 10 employees believed they could do a better job at being the boss than their direct line manager.

A survey ahead of Boss Day, a US national day which falls on October 16th this year, revealed that 6 in 10 employees in the UK think they could do the job better than their superiors.

The survey of 500 UK employees, conducted by bgo.com, saw 60% of respondents say they believed they could do a better job than their boss.

60% of millennials (21-34-year olds) believed they could do a better job than their boss.
70% of department heads said they could be a better manager than their supervisor.
83% of responders in the Construction industry also believed they would be better than their boss.

The answers came from across multiple sectors and varying levels of management with an unsurprising upward trend.

The higher up the managerial ladder the responder was, the more likely they were to believe that they would be better suited to being a boss –70% of department heads said that they would be a better choice.

The more surprising figure comes from the 58% of entry level respondents that, even without experience, think they would better their boss!

The industry that had the highest number of respondents claim to be able to beat their boss was those in the construction industry, with 83% feeling up to the task of being in charge.

In retail 68% of employees asked were confident about taking the reins from their supervisors, with IT employees following closely behind, 66% in this sector said they could do it better.

Post by Peter Hutchins October 22 2018 Categories: News