25% of Recruiters Concerned by Skills Shortage

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation report that 25% of agencies are concerned by a shortage of permanent candidates with appropriate levels of skills and expertise.

Circle's Jon Brass (company director) was not surprised. "The previous year, 14% of agencies stated that they were concerned, so the rise is quite stark but that was always to be expected. In an economy such as the UK, agencies tend to cut costs when things get tough. The first such cost can be advertising. At Circle, we have increased our expenditure on attracting candidates, in fact we are the UK's number one advertiser per head.

"It is not surprising that if agencies cut costs they will later complain about availability of candidates. The key to stay at the top of this industry is to constantly look long term rather than just at short term profit size. This is why we have also invested in other pioneering software during the recession years".

Post by Ernest Porazinski November 20 2013 Categories: News, Recruitment