22% of Candidates review their Interviewer’s Social Media

Job-hunters are frequently warned about the potential ill-effects of social media upon job applications, but new research by online marketing specialists, Digimax, reveals that it goes both ways, with 22% of job candidates confessing to checking out their interviewers on social media.

Almost a quarter of candidates (24%) use social media sites to find common interests to discuss and curry favour during interviews. A further 18% say that they use social media to check out the interviewer's work background, while almost half (48%) use it for general interview prep.

21% of employers say that they can’t remember the last time they checked or adjusted privacy settings on their social accounts. Candidates appear to be a little more canny when it comes to privacy, however, with 47% saying that they regularly check their privacy settings, and 15% even temporarily deactivating their Facebook account when on the hunt for a new job!

A further 17% of candidates say that they have regretted a post and removed it for job hunt related reasons… This is probably just as well, given that three quarters (73%) of employers search applicant's social media accounts prior to either interviews or job offers.

What are employers looking for when browsing candidate’s social media?

The vast majority (82%) are interested in their candidate’s ability to correctly use grammar.
More than half of employers (59%) check on candidate’s spelling prowess.
Only a third (32%) look for inappropriate content, such as drug references.

Circle Senior Legal Recruitment Hauwa Bawa Consultant said: "The message is quite clear - it is not just employers who will browse applicant's social media sites - the reverse is also true! We advise clients and candidates alike to keep anything they wish to be private, private!"

Post by Peter Hutchins November 23 2017 Categories: Random, Recruitment, Technology, Legal