1 in 3 Feel Boss Favours Those who put Work Before Family

A third of UK workers believe that their boss views staff that put work before family as their most productive, according to a new study by relationship support service Relate, and Relationships Scotland.

Relate President Professor Sir Cary Cooper said: “It’s very concerning that so many people believe that work has to come before family in order to be well regarded by our bosses. This is not the message employers should be sending out, and it could lead to strain on family relationships, especially at a time when money worries are still a reality for many people.”

Circle Senior Consultant Fahim Rashid said: "Recruitment has a reputation for being tied to a desk for long hours. It is a demanding job, nobody can change that, however we changed the game at Circle. We have invested in cloud computing technology enabling our staff to work from home, on the laptops we provide. Also, as long a consultant isn't seriously under performing, they are able to work from 10am every single day - this enables a much better work-life balance, especially considering they are able to leave at 6pm without it being frowned upon in our culture. I have two children, and am able to be one of Circle's best performers working just 10 to 6 daily. I couldn't live like this at other agencies".

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Post by Ernest Porazinski August 13 2014 Categories: Random, Recruitment