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  • Jamie McMullan asked: Why do ostriches put their head in the sand? They are searching for food
  • Liam Bateman asked: What is the name of the place where Gulliver met the little people? Gullivers World
  • Jake Julich asked: What is the rest of the phrase "Birds of a feather".... Make nests and fly
  • Caroline Wright asked: Dear Fahim, cows lie down when it is about to rain. How do they know? In the fields far away, it is already raining. So the cows there moo loudly to let the others know.
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Fahim is one of our Senior Consultants, based in Manchester.

He has gained legendary status with his logic! Initially only Circle staff could benefit from his comments, so we decided to open the net and allow you too to benefit! Now, people from far and wide are keen to hear his words of wisdom.

Why is the sea blue? Why is the moon round? Why do zebra have stripes?

If you have a dilemma and you want answers, simply Ask Fahim – and become enlightened!