Circle Vision and Values

Our Values are simple. Yes, we want to appeal to clients and yes, we want to appeal to candidates, however it's also vitally important to us that we stay true to our founding focus of appealing to recruitment consultants. Treatment of their own staff is a premise often overlooked by many of our competitors, who simply put profits first and foremost!

circle values

With this as our uppermost corporate value, we (a) attract the best Consultants and (b) retain the best Consultants. Which in turn means that we are best placed to ensure that the client and candidate satisfaction takes care of itself, hence our continued success.

Our vision is to train, coach and develop our consultants to achieve the next goal in the career ladder - from trainee level through to superbiller/management.

Circle Culture

Recruitment has a reputation for treating staff badly. Controversial as it may be for a recruitment agency to say so, we actually believe that this reputation is justified. The vast majority of our recruitment Consultants joined Circle after hearing that the way we are, is stark contrast to where they worked before.

To new employees, we are nothing short of a culture shock and a breath of fresh air. We have a relaxed culture as opposed to the usual, boiler room hard sales environment. It really is a fun place to work.

Circle Pay, Lifestyle, & Ethos

 circle ethos

We contantly strive to ensure that we offer the best pay, the best work-life balance, the best culture, and the best technology and tools in the industry.

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