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Employers Neglecting Mental Health of Stressed Staff

UK employers show a lack of interest in the mental wellbeing of employees, even though many staff are suffering from stress, according to a new study of nearly 1,300 workers by ADP®....

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22% of Candidates review their Interviewer’s Social Media

Job-hunters are frequently warned about the potential ill-effects of social media upon job applications, but new research by online marketing specialists, Digimax, reveals that it goes both ways, with 22% of job candidates confessing to checking out their interviewers on social media....

Post by Peter Hutchins November 23 2017 Categories: Random, Recruitment, Technology, Legal Read more

Office Workers want Flexible Hours

A lot of employers have the perception that offering staff benefits has to cost a fortune, but new research from Paymentsense shows that it’s not the expensive perks that employees actually want. ...

Post by Jamie McMullan June 20 2017 Categories: Recruitment, Legal Read more