Workplace Stress Causing Problems in Majority of Workplaces

New research from job site CV-Library has found that over half of workers (53.2%) report that stress is an issue in their current workplace, with nearly two thirds (61.9%) believing that their employer looks down on workers who get stressed.

The study, which surveyed 1,200 UK workers, found that the majority of employees (57.4%) believe that their manager does NOT offer support to help them manage stress at work. According to the research, bad management is the biggest cause of stress at work (65.8%), followed by:

Low morale within the workplace (38.1%)
Unfriendly colleagues (35.7%)
Heavy workloads (34.1%)
Long working hours (29.3%)
Poor work/life balance (25.5%)

Circle's Managing Director Steve Ricketts comments: "The line between work life and home life has become increasingly blurred, as technology has advanced and many people may feel like they are constantly "on call". Companies need to address this issue and ensure that measures are in place first of all to prevent workplace stress, and secondly to manage it properly should it occur."

"Whilst recruitment is well known as a potentially stressful occupation, at Circle, we have an environment that promotes a good work-life balance - flexible working hours, casual dress, breakout areas including pool tables, Wii, Playstations etc. More and more companies are finding that such investments can bear fruit - a happy, stress-free workforce is a productive workforce".

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Post by Katrina Rajah October 10 2016 Categories: News, Recruitment