Recruiters React to Scottish No Vote

Prior to Scotland going to the polls and voting against independence, the potential impact of independence on UK employment was one of the main areas of concern for industry.

With blue chip Scottish institutions such as Standard Life and Royal Bank of Scotland suggesting that they may have relocated in the event of a "Yes" vote, industry reaction to yesterday's poll seem to be positive. Standard Life have already released a statement saying that it "fully respects the decision of the Scottish people".

Circle Group Director Matthew Leach feels that the No vote will have a positive effect on the short term recruitment sector. "A No vote should help the continuing improvement of the British economy. A Yes vote could have led to uncertainty for hirers across the UK as a whole, having a negative impact on recruitment. Hopefully, with that uncertainty now unlikely to materialise, companies will continue to have the confidence to grow, carry on hiring and get back to levels of the pre 2008 slump".

REC chief Kevin Green stated that "the UK jobs market gathers its strength from the close collaboration between the different regions and nations of the UK and this should remain at the forefront in all deliberations".

Post by Ernest Porazinski September 19 2014 Categories: News, Recruitment