Our 10th Birthday edges closer!

The last ten years has been a story of pioneering success for Circle. Back in 2003, completely changing the way Recruitment Consultants are treated in the IT sector, our brand has become a bastion of recruitment success.

Circle Director Jon Brass is pleased with the company's progress. "Our vision has always been simple, treat people in business how you would like to be treated yourself, invest in all the right things, and the goals will be reached. Our continued success is tantamount to this. We look forward to another ten years of growth and success...the only surprise for me at the ten year point is that we are still so unique! Perhaps old habits die hard."

When asked how the company would celebrate the ten year birthday, Jon said that it would very likely be a trip abroad for every staff member. I pointed out that we do that every year anyway so it should be something better...he didn't look best pleased!

Post by Ernest Porazinski June 15 2013 Categories: Random