Office Workers want Flexible Hours

A lot of employers have the perception that offering staff benefits has to cost a fortune, but new research from Paymentsense shows that it’s not the expensive perks that employees actually want.

The research, conducted on 2,000 full time office workers, from across the UK, shows that the main perks that staff want are an early finish on a Friday, flexible hours and a free day off here and there, either for birthday, duvet day or moving day.

Obviously, there are some perks that can cost money but research shows that at least 6 of the top 10 don’t have to cost a lot, but will make a lot of difference. Below are the top ten perks people want:

Early finish Fridays 35%
Unlimited holiday 35%
Bonuses (company wide) 32%
Flexible hours 30%
Day off for duvet day/birthday holiday/moving house holiday 28%
Performance based bonuses 25%
Gym membership 22%
Remote working 21%
Free fruit/snacks 18%
Extra training 15%

Circle Managing Director Steve Ricketts was nor surprised with the results. "Work life balance is at the core of job satisfaction, which is why most of Circle's staff are able to work flexible hours every day of the week. This is even more important for those with young families."

Keeping staff happy needs to be priority for businesses it can majorly effect productivity levels, and Paymentsense research shows that 1 in 10 office workers don’t get any perks! Steve continued: "We offer almost all of the ten perks on the list as standard. Our new employees are often shocked at the culture differences between Circle and the rest of the IT / legal recruitment sectors".

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Post by Jamie McMullan June 20 2017 Categories: Recruitment, Legal