IT Security Survey

Nearly two-thirds of IT professionals believe that the solution to tackling cyber-security would be to hire ex-hackers, according to research by IT recruitment specialists

The survey of 352 IT professionals revealed that 56% of those surveyed thought that business did not take IT security seriously enough and that two-fifths didn’t believe there were enough skilled security professionals in the UK technology industry able to take on the challenges of constantly evolving threats.

In recognising the demand, 66% of those tech professionals surveyed stated that they would consider re-skilling to take on a role in IT security.

Circle director Tariq Dirania is not surprised by the results. "Circle's IT security revenue continues to grow and this is because clients are rightly concerned about keeping up with the ever-changing methods of the hacking community. Our advice to any customer who has concerns, is not to wait until it is too late. The personnel to provide the solution does not need to be permanent - no company should keep its fingers crossed with its head in the sand."

Post by Ernest Porazinski September 29 2013 Categories: Technology