Circle to remain on the Cloud

In 2011 Circle were one of the first European recruitment companies to invest in a cloud computing IT solution.

Circle have been delighted with the results and have decided to remain on the cloud.

Managing Director Steve Ricketts said "our competitors have not followed suit simply due to cost and budgets. We disagree with this logic and simply changed our budgets to accommodate the cost. I think that any investment to stay ahead of our competitors, is an investment well made. The ability to access our IT systems from any device in the world with an internet connection ables us to service our clients in a way our competitors simply cannot. The investment is probably recouped this way in any case."

"Regardless of the financial aspect, the cloud is ideal for Circle because of the emphasis we have on recruitment consultant's work-life balance. We would rather our consultants have the option to access whatever they may need via an iPhone while sat at home watching TV, than tie them to a desk for ten hours a day. People have families. Sometimes in business, decisions need to be made with profit as a secondary factor".

Circle's IT partners are JMC IT, and it is clear that Circle are extremely pleased with JMC. Operations & Finance Director, Steve Taylor said "The service, advice and technology has been superb. In the last ten years we have had numerous IT service providers, and JMC are by far the best. They have been first class. I would highly recommend them. Just not to our competitors!"

Post by Ernest Porazinski June 16 2013 Categories: Recruitment, Technology