Attract top candidates

Our investment in candidate attraction ensures that we can arrange interviews for you with the best available talent on the market. We can also sell your opportunity. We can also promote your brand.

However, we cannot guarantee that your preferred candidate says "yes"!

Here are some tips to help you hire your preferred candidates:

  • Top performers have choices of employers. Remember that the interview is a two-way interview – top candidates are far from desperate for an offer and are analysing YOU as well as vice versa!
  • Most top candidates will choose to work for a company whose corporate values mirror their personal values.
  • Does your culture reward teamwork or competitiveness? Think about this prior to the interview. Depending on the role, this could either attract or dissuade candidates.
  • What are your unique selling points as a company? Often, interviewers who are well used to their employer's USP's, forget to sell them in interview!
  • Speak to us about how appealing your remuneration package is compared to other hirers.
  • How is achievement recognised and rewarded? Tell the candidates in interview.
  • What work/life balance initiatives are in place? Candidates are often reluctant to ask such questions at interview for fear of appearing workshy.. so tell the candidates at interview! If you don't and another company does, that could be the easily avoidable reason why the candidate takes another role!
  • Does your website sell your company properly? Even if it does, don't presume that the candidate has read it thoroughly! Top candidates often have many interviews and will skim-read websites. Presume that each interviewee doesn't know your selling points – and sell them.
  • Think about whether your existing employees are brand-ambassadors, or critics. If the former – why is this?
  • What are the pathways for growth and promotion? Be sure to sell them to the candidates.